In StackOverflow there is an explanation on how to get data from site by browsing through the entire site.

It works fine if the login is performed by POST. However I had to get data from a site that performed login by some strange javascript. There fore I had to use another way to get data:

1. Install theChrome Extension cookies.txt to Chrome
2. Log into the site in Chrome
3. Click the “cookies.txt” icon on the upper right corner
4. Click download (this will save the session cookie as a text file cookies.txt)
5. In the console type
wget –recursive –no-parent –wait=10 –random-wait –load-cookies cookies.txt

Where cookies.txt is replace by the path to the cookies.txt file and should be replaced by the site
(6) find . -mindepth 2 -type f -print -exec mv {} . \;